Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to making sure our colleagues are as diverse as our customers and communities. We value and embrace differences and believe unique perspectives, backgrounds and experiences are critical to our success. By fostering an inclusive culture, we maintain an environment where all colleagues are engaged, have a voice and can thrive. We want to ensure that American Express continues to be a global leader in inclusivity and a company where being yourself matters.

Successful strategies, products, and services require diverse perspectives and contributions. We're committed to inclusion and diversity across our organization, as well as the suppliers we do business with.

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Tier 2 Reporting Program

Welcome to the American Express Tier 2 Spend Reporting Tool.

American Express thanks you for participating in our supplier diversity efforts. We look forward to working with your company to explore better ways to serve our customers, consumers and communities now and in the future. American Express program reinforces our commitment to an innovative and inclusive procurement process.

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